Occupational Therapy Workshop

Occupational Therapy Workshop

Occupational Therapy Workshop

Occupational Therapy Workshop was established in July 1, 1993 at the Regional Rehabilitation Clinic in Warsaw by a group of employees who saw the need to support people with disabilities. This workshop was the first one in the Warsaw region, which fully comply with the requirements of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.  
In May 2001 workshop was taken over by the Private Association „Faith and Hope”, which was founded by the parents and guardians of the workshop participants and by the Occupational Therapy Workshop staff.

Our workshop carries out tasks in the social and vocational rehabilitation of youth with intellectual disabilities.
It is financed partially by the State Institutions, and the local government, as well as  members of the Association, and private donators. The workshops are conducted by qualified teachers and therapists and attended by 30 people who work in groups of five to six students.The purpose of our workshop is to improve the quality of life of our students, to teach them how to manage the everyday life and prepare them for the professional occupation. We create the conditions to create the self-confidence and autonomy of the young persons. They gain knowledge about the surrounding environment and the skills necessary to participate fully in social life. This will help them to fill safe and live in stress free condition. These objectives are achieved through therapeutic activities that take place in several workshops described below.
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The activities in this workshop mobilize our students to think creatively and develop the artistic imagination. We work with many different techniques and materials: watercolors, acrylic, glass ceramics and silk paints. Recently we started apply the technique of „Decoupage” to decorate glass objects and wooden elements made in cooperation with our carpentry workshop. An important element of our work is to study the work of famous artists.

For this purpose we visit galleries, and museums, we read specialist literature and search for information on the Internet.
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In the laboratory we learn different types of embroidery on canvas. Some course participants develop their own unique technique of embroidery. We also try to work without prescribed graphic design. In our workshop we learn to sew on a machine, sew on buttons. We break the monotony of the work by artistic activities. In our laboratory there is a botanic- zoological section taking care of flowers and fishes.


In this workshop participants learn the basics of wood-working. In addition to traditional tools participants use also electrical equipment (saws, cutters, drills under their supervision of therapy instructors. During the course the young people build utilitarian items (shelves, picture frames, napkin holders, chest of drawers, and clocks), toys (models of musical instruments and autos), occasional work (Christmas angels, Easter bunnies) and flowers of wood. In addition to traditional woodworking (cutting, cleaning, sanding, painting) we also learn the decorating of wood by burning designs and stickers. As in other workshops here we also encouraged the creativity of young people by realization of individual projects in consultation with the instructor.


In this workshop we held on a weekly change of shifts under the supervision of therapy instructor. The group on duty is responsible for preparing drinks (twice a day) and for keeping the studio in order. In addition the group helps the person celebrating his/her anniversary in preparing the party. Each group prepares at least one meal a day for the group itself, or – if possible – for whole community. The studio of the household is available not only to the group on duty but also to all other participants. During the shift the participants acquire social skills and competence to live independently at home. They learn how to prepare food as well as care for cleanliness.


The computer laboratory is equipped with four sets of modern computer and color printer for the network connection working. During the course of computer science the young people learn the basics about computers and their components, the operating system Microsoft Windows, the Internet and electronic mail, graphics, education and entertainment programs, as well as a text editor.

The laboratory, according to the by-laws of the Association, encourages participant’s regular contact with information technology and science and teach the how to work with computer. This increases the creativity, the desire for novelty, which is valuable in personal development. The participants gather new experience in social and professional sphere.

The Private Association of Parents and Guardians of Mentally Handicapped Persons „Faith and Hope” has been officially registered in the National Court under the number 0000004478 in April 2001, and since 2004 the Association has got the status of public benefit organizations. The Association activity area is the area of the Mazowsze Province
The aim of the Association is to promote the idea of social integration of people with disabilities, supporting individuals and institutions to overcome social barriers and combat stereotypes about disability, creating and supporting educational, treatment, rehabilitation and assistance institutions for people with disabilities.
The Association supports the Occupational Therapy Workshop in achieving the goals of social and vocational rehabilitation of young adults with intellectual disabilities participating in therapy, and provides advice and assistance to their families and guardians. Since 2001 the Association’s activity focuses on conducting the Occupational Therapy Workshop located at AL. Bohaterów Września No.7 (Heroes of September Av. No.7) in Warsaw and on finding necessary funds to carry on the Workshop and realize present and future aims.
Persons who would like to support financially our present activity and future plans are very Welcome.

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Al. Bohaterów Września 7 02-389 Warszawa
tel./fax.: 022 823 58 73;
e-mail: wtzwiara@wp.pl

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